OECD data on housing prices

Real estate sales at all-time high!

We have been observing a big boost in housing sales to foreigners in Turkey since March 2021. Turkish Statistical Institute published a newsletter on 12 July 2021 “House Sales Statistics, June 2021 ”. Convincingly, our predictions proved right! Real estate sales to foreigners are at all-time-high! Numbers prove an undeniable increase in property sales to foreigners.What does this newsletter tell us? In...

How to Buy a Property in Turkey

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXXKeuTtVaQBuying a property is a big investment decision for many people. In order to make a right decision for a profitable investment, you need to know the basics about how, when and where to invest. In our article, we have shared some beneficial information to answer these questions. After reading this article, you will have a more clear opinion about how to buy a...

Is it Profitable to Buy a House in Turkey?

When it comes to buying a house as an investment, the first obvious reason is its profitability. Our customers usually ask us whether it is profitable to buy a house in Turkey. Based on our experience, we can easily answer that question with a “Yes!”. However, let numbers do the talking instead! Firstly, we have to look at official OECD figures to confirm our case.OECD Real Estate DataReal estate...

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