How Can You Avoid Fraud & Scam While Buying a Property?

Are You Concerned about Scams?Unfortunately, fraud and scams are a part of our lives regardless of country or industry. Swindlers may even use luxury offices and expensive cars to convince us and buy our trust. Besides, they may sound quite professional and even operate as a highly organized team. A scammer might easily rush you to make cash payments. Then, they justify the urgency with the promise of a...

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Quick Facts about Turkey

Turkey in BriefIt is a difficult task to try to summarize Turkey in a few words. In fact, Turkey has a long narrative in entire human history. Indeed, rich history translates into a rich cultural background in Turkey. Nevertheless, we will briefly present quick facts about Turkey to help you have a better understanding. Turkey is a giant peninsula with a landmass of about half a percent of world’s total...

Why Buy a House in Turkey?

Obviously, we all are worried about the costs and benefits of any decision in our lives. Buying a house in a Turkey or any foreign country is no exception! Therefore, you are definitely right in being extra careful when weighing your costs and benefits. Big financial decisions such as buying a real property requires due care. In this post, you can find all the answers to why buy a house in Turkey. At...

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