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In our blog, you can find essential information about real estate and Turkish citizenship.
We write posts for our blog depending on what people are interested in learning about. We answer your questions and provide a clear picture of why, how, when, and where you should invest in a property, as well as how you may get Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions.

“Is it advantageous to purchase a property in Turkey?” is the first and most frequently asked question. Then again, “Is it a good time to buy property?” Third, “What are the best locations?” To emphasize, these are two of the most frequently asked questions, along with “How can I prevent scams?” and “The processes to follow.”

The first thing to remember is that you have arrived at the right place to seek answers in real estate business. Relax and begin reading. Read some articles that interest you to learn more and get an informed opinion about the Turkish real estate market.

Real estate sales at all-time high!

Maybe not the first two months of 2021, but we have been witnessing a big boost in house sales in...
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How to Buy a Property in Turkey

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXXKeuTtVaQBuying a property is a big investment decision for many...
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Is it Profitable to Buy a House in Turkey?

When it comes to buying a house as an investment, the first obvious reason of course is its...
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How Can You Avoid Fraud & Scam While Buying a Property?

Are You Concerned about Scams?Unfortunately, fraud and scam is part of our lives regardless of your...
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Sultanahmet Square

Quick Facts about Turkey

Turkey in Brief It is a significant challenge to summarize Turkey. As a matter of fact, Turkey has...
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Istanbul, Photo by Despina Galani on Unsplash

The Best Locations to Buy Property in Turkey

Do you want to invest in Turkey's real estate market? Are you, however, at the beginning of your...
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Citizenship via Investment Program

Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Have your ever felt envious in an airport after seeing people who carry multiple passports and go...
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Why Buy a House in Turkey?

Obviously, we all are worried about the costs and benefits of any decision in our lives. Buying a...
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Procedures While Buying a Real Estate in Turkey

Knowing what lies ahead and making the appropriate preparations before embarking on your journey is...
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